Consult Johns Hopkins specialists BEFORE your shoulder replacement surgery

 Making the Right Decisions About Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Making the Right Decisions About Shoulder Replacement Surgery

As arthritis in a chronically painful shoulder gets worse, one option is shoulder replacement surgery.
If that's an option you're considering, let us help you.

In this new report, you'll get the equivalent of an in-depth consultation with a leading specialist at Johns Hopkins BEFORE your shoulder replacement - so you can make an informed decision as to whether surgery is right for you - and, if it is, to know exactly what to expect.

Written by Edward G. McFarland, M.D.
a nationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder joint disorders and injuries

Are you tired of living with severe shoulder pain and stiffness day after day?

Have you tried ice ... heat ... medication ... exercise ... physical therapy - only to find that the relief is temporary and the pain just keeps coming back?

What's next? For thousands of patients, the only remaining option is shoulder replacement surgery, also known as shoulder arthroplasty.

While the prospect of surgery may be daunting, the GOOD NEWS is that shoulder replacement works! Ninety-five percent of patients report significant reduction of pain and most enjoy increased range-of-motion and shoulder function.

If you're considering shoulder replacement surgery, it's critical to learn everything you can BEFORE your surgery - so you can make the best-informed decisions possible about your future treatment.

That's why a top orthopedic surgeon at Johns Hopkins has written Making The Right Decisions About Shoulder Replacement Surgery. This authoritative special report contains vital information you won't find in any other single source.

This is information so crucial to your decision-making process that Making The Right Decisions About Shoulder Replacement Surgery is available instantly as a digital PDF download. Simply click the order button below, and in a few moments you can begin reading!

What Should You Do When Your Shoulder Pain Becomes Too Much?

Perhaps you've had worsening shoulder pain for some time and are wondering if you should consider surgery - but you've been putting off making the decision. After all, no one looks forward to surgery, and many people are confused about when it's the right time or what to expect afterwards.

Or perhaps your doctor has recommended total shoulder replacement surgery for you - and you want to know more about the procedure and the recovery process before you go ahead with it.

Making The Right Decisions About Shoulder Replacement Surgery is designed to provide detailed answers to the many questions that may be on your mind as you weigh the pros and cons of surgery.

For example:

  • What happens if I decide NOT to have surgery?
  • How do I know if I'm a good candidate for shoulder replacement surgery?
  • Are there any other treatment options I should consider?
  • Is there more than one type of shoulder replacement surgery?
  • What is reverse shoulder replacement? What is shoulder hemiarthroplasty?
  • What happens during the actual surgery?
  • I have a severely damaged rotator cuff. Will this prevent me from having surgery?
  • Are there any risks associated with shoulder replacement? What if I get an infection?
  • How much pain will I experience right after surgery?
  • How much improved mobility can I expect after my surgery?
  • What activities will I be able to perform? What activities should I avoid?
  • What happens during the shoulder rehabilitation program?
  • Will it be difficult for me to sleep after surgery? Can I drive?
  • Once I've recovered from surgery, will I be free of shoulder pain?
  • How long will my artificial shoulder last?
  • What happens if the shoulder dislocates at some point following surgery?
  • What is the major reason a shoulder replacement needs to be revised?

Making The Right Decisions About Shoulder Replacement Surgery addresses these and other questions. And that's just the start. In page after page of this comprehensive report, we hone in on your most serious concerns as you prepare for shoulder surgery.

  • Are you a candidate for total shoulder replacement or would a reverse shoulder replacement - also called a reverse prosthesis - be more beneficial? Dr. McFarland compares the two procedures and explains what you should expect during surgery and recovery.
  • You'll learn about state-of-the-art arthroscopic procedures that offer a less invasive alternative to total shoulder surgery: debridement, microfracture chondroplasty, arthroscopy and capsular release, and synovectomy.
  • Shoulder replacement milestones - where will you be in 3 months ... 6 months ... 12 months after surgery?
  • Advance planning for your shoulder replacement surgery, including financial issues - insurance, after-care - and home improvements that will ease your transition back home.
Protecting Your Shoulder After Surgery - What You Should Know About Shoulder Rehab

Once you've had surgery, what then? In this important chapter, Dr. McFarland and Jennifer Kline Donovan. P.T., a physical therapist who consults with Johns Hopkins physicians, share questions and answers about shoulder rehabilitation, including:

  • What physical activity do you have your patients perform immediately following surgery?
  • What does the physical therapist do and how can I find a well-trained one?
  • What happens during the initial physical therapy sessions? When will I see improvement?
  • What do you do to ease the pain of exercise?
  • Are there any limitations placed on shoulder movement in the months following shoulder surgery?

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