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Shingles Vaccine Update

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Posted in Prescription Drugs on December 4, 2007

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Never had Chicken Pox but it was strongly suggested to me by my Dr. that I get the shot because I'm 63... Researched it and spoke with 2 other Dr.s who thought I should go for it, one even said almost everyone gets CP even if they are a carrier, which my mom always called me. SO I got the shot and three days later came down with a serious reaction that included: inflamed injection site, sore arm, sore throat,headache, dialated eyes ad last but not least, racing heart. This went on for three hours and finally subsided.3 days later the reaction seemed to go to my abdoman; pain all over. I never get sick, not even a cold, don't take prescriptions and am healthy for my age. So, I contacted CDC and there is an open report on me about what happened. CDC indicated that Merck the drug manufacturer said that only people who had had chicken pox should get this shot but that after 60? All bets were off, go get the shot. ALSO I have Herpes Simplex and was concerned that it could cause problems for me getting the Herpes Zostra shot. What ever happened to me I'd hate to see other people go through what I did and hence, I'm posting this report. I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER PREVENTATIVE SHOT, not ever the flu shot.

Posted by: | October 27, 2012 4:02 PM

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